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Each year in early December, Market Square members cook homemade soup, bake bread, and make delicious desserts to raise money for HELP Ministries of Christian Churches United. Over the past 30 years, Market Square Bistro has raised more than $172,000.00 for CCU’s Help Ministries, providing funds to assist those with emergent needs in our community.

This is a completely volunteer effort with 100% of the money raised goes toward HELP Ministries of Christian Churches United.



BISTRO #33: December 4, starting at noon, Fellowship Hall

We will, once again, be offering “Table” Sponsorships to any who would like to participate as sponsors for the event.  Each Bistro Table Sponsor(ship) will receive a pint of each of four delicious soups in freezable/microwaveable containers as well as a healthy supply of baked goods!  The To-Go soups for Table Sponsors may be picked up at any time on December 4 (or soup sponsors may make special arrangements for a later pick up or delivery within 25 miles of Market Square).  Table Sponsorships are $130.00 per table.  If you’re sending a check to the Church, just write a note for Bistro on it and Michelle will know what to do with it.


At this writing, we know we are featuring four delectable soups with some vegetarian offerings and some meaty ones too!  The soup menu is still being refined and will be ready soon.


As last year’s soup preparation was so successful, we will be proceeding in the same way we did with four consecutive soup-making Saturdays in the Market Square Church Kitchen.  

Sign-ups are available at Time to Sign using this strange-looking url:  There will also be lots of baking options available and we welcome lots of bakers of cookies/brownies and bread and rolls.


If using is not your thing,

feel free to reach out to Alice Anne Schwab at 717-576-2500



Looking forward to a record breaking Bistro 33!

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