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Our Sanctuary is blessed with four fine keyboard instruments for enhancing the worship of God. The J. Nedra Schilling Organ/Orgues Létourneau Opus 136 of four manuals and 83 ranks (installed in 2021) inspires and leads worship from an advantageous position in the choir loft at the rear of the worship space. Also in the room are a restored Steinway concert grand piano, a Hubbard single-manual harpsichord, and a Vági portative organ from Hungary. Other instruments used in worship are three-octave sets of both Schmulmerich and Malmark English handbells, and a three-octave set of Malmark handchimes, as well as an assortment of rhythm instruments.

Steinway 2.JPG
7-22-21 case.jpg
Harpsichord 4.JPG
Harpsichord 5.JPG
Portativ 4.JPG
Portativ 3.JPG
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