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Lori Sweet

November and December

Artists are among prophets in our society, helping us to understand who God is and how God is calling us in fresh ways. We rely on artists to stretch our imaginations and keep us in awe of the largeness of God. We are committed to supporting artists in our congregation and community by providing a gallery space.  The gallery is located in the atrium beside the sanctuary and in Geneva Hall, on the fourth floor of the church.  A new artist or group of artists are displayed every two months.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the works, please speak directly to the artist as the church does not handle any sales or receive any fees.  

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The Market Square Art Gallery will feature the work of Lori Sweet during the months of November and December. Her artwork will be hung in the atrium and in Geneva Hall on the 4th floor of the church. There will be an opening reception immediately following worship on November 3rd. We hope you will join us to celebrate Lori’s beautiful soulful work.  


Lori says about herself and her work on her website,

“As a child, art was a pathway to my inner world and a lens for navigating and processing my outer world.  Creating with visual images, symbols, rituals, and words, as a child, helped me to cope with the challenges and emotional chaos in my life. It was a means for emotional healing and growth.

As an adult, art continues to serve as a process of contemplation and meditation.  Art created with intention also is a form of embodied prayer. Art is medicine to the mind, body, and spirit (and expressed as such in cultures throughout time and all around the world!) 

As a professional social worker and teaching artist, I have shared art to help others to heal and to discover their own inner strength and wisdom. Watching people connect to creative and sacred places in their own hearts and finding their value and solutions within is awe-inspiring.  

As a professional artist, I design art to invoke and evoke the sacred and to bring attention to the divine (wisdom) within us and all around us.  I want to remind everyone that the power of love lives in our own hearts and that all of creation (including you) is sacred and precious.  

Accessing this inner well-spring empowers us

 and reminds us just how strong and powerful

 we are when we pay attention to the 

deeper truths within and around us. 

While art usually produces a tangible product, I often am more interested in the intangible aspects of art-making: the energetic process that teaches, heals, restores, and transforms.  I see art as "visual" energy medicine".  I often wonder, "How does art inform, transform, and change us as it is informed, transformed, and changed by us?"

In my world, art-making is about
story-telling, ritual, and meaning-making.  

It is about healing self, others, and the earth. 
It is shamanic, transforming, intuitive, and dynamic. 
Like Icons of old, the art invites us into another aspect of time and space…”

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