November 18, 2020

November 18 will be the next Reformed Reader's discussion (via Zoom). We will focus on the book GOD: A Human History.  The author, Reza Aslan provide a wide scope of the history of religion—from mere Christianity to the whole of humanity’s quest for and interaction with god—the many forms of god. 


Essentially a chronological account, GOD begins with the earliest of humans and their growing awareness of the holy and a quest to understand the divine. The book then follows in succession the chronological development of the various religions as perceived by humans. Summarizing the book is impossible—each chapter in human history is so rich with content and meaning the reducing it to a summary does it injustice. 


I hope to see you for a spirited discussion on November 18. 


The church library has copies of the book available for loan. You may contact the church office to make arrangements to get one.

If you plan to participate in this Reformed Readers discussion, please let Donna Wenger, who is leading the discussion, know.** She will then send you the Zoom link a few days before November 18.


Donna Wenger

**Email Donna at dfwenger@gmail.com


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