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The Room for the Inner Way is our designated prayer room located on the 4th floor of the church.  It is a room that is peaceful and relaxing where members and guests can spend  time in silent  prayer or meditation.  There is a prayer book, prayer map, prayer wall, and various support materials in the room to explore. 

Look for announcements on programming in the bulletins. Some of the topics covered over the years include Exploring the Lord's Prayer, Praying with Sophia, Centering Prayer, Prayers for the Earth,  Prayers of Compassion, and Lenten Prayers.   

Elizabeth Terry and Rev. Anne Ross serve as the primary organizers of the room but others are encouraged to volunteer to lead programming.  Please join us. 

The Room for the Inner Way is a place to better know and experience God personally through complementary yet alternative means to our "outer way" - our public worship, social justice, and community service activities.  It is available for use anytime the church office is open during the week or on Sundays.  Most Sunday mornings there is a guided group-prayer time from 10:35 a.m. -10:55 a.m., prior to worship. 

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