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The following are general descriptions of the various committees at Market Square.

Any member of Market Square may join any of the session committees;

you do not need to be a member of session.

THE ANTIRACISM AND RACIAL JUSTICE TASK FORCE seeks to dismantle systemic racism in all areas of congregational life—including worship, education, mission, and governance—both within the church and in the communities it serves.


ARCHIVES works in cooperation with the Clerk of Session in the management, storage, preservation, and occasional display of the church’s historical records, photographs, and artifacts.


ECOLOGY ACTION focuses on providing opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities, educational opportunities to learn about climate change and our environment, and encouraging responsible, sustainable practices in the management of church facilities.

EDUCATION Adult Education develops programming for the Adult Forum and the Fred B. Atwood Adult Bible Class. The Adult Forum offers varied programs including social justice, health, spirituality, mission, arts and cultural interests, and many others.

It also oversees the Reformed Readers and the Monday Bible Study group. Children and Youth provides support and leadership for children and youth (combined middle and high school students), classes, and opportunities to include them in other activities of the church.


LGBT & ALLIES focuses on ways to show hospitality and support people who historically have been excluded or unwelcomed by churches.


MEMBERSHIP explores ways to attract, welcome, and involvenew members into the church’s diverse body of faith while strengthening the bonds of fellowship within the congregation.


MISSION AND STEWARDSHIP supports ministries in Harrisburg and beyond by partnering with other agencies,  supporting them financially, and supplying volunteers. Also, the committee is responsible for the appeal to the membership financially to support both the church’s ministry and mission and the maintenance of its facilities.


PEACEMAKING reflects Market Square’s mission statement by calling on the church to work for peace and justice. The committee’s activities address local, national, and international issues including creating educational opportunities within the church and outreach to other faith communities on issues of racism, Islamophobia, and economic and educational inequity.


WORSHIP, MUSIC, AND THE ARTS helps to define the direction of these areas within the Market Square family. The committee is also responsible for decorating the church and sanctuary for various liturgical seasons. Committee members consider ways best to promote worship and integrate music and the arts in all areas of church activity.

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