Pentecost Sunday 2021 


On Sunday, May 23 the elementary Sunday school class focused on the Pentecost story.  Each week we provide the children with a craft to coincide with the lesson.  On Pentecost the students were given a canvas, yellow, red, and orange paint.  They were given instruction to paint an abstract painting thinking about the Pentecost story. The following pictures are the result of their creativity.  Enjoy!


REGULAR SCHEDULE: The elementary children’s Sunday school class meets each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. in room 315 on the 3rd level of the church. This class uses the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum which follows the lectionary readings that are used in our Worship.  


The children learn about the Old and New Testaments and are able to make a connection from what they have learned in Sunday school to what they hear during worship each week. The students enjoy fun, fellowship, and learning in a bright classroom. 

photo 2.JPG