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Market Square Church welcomes staff, members, and friends to visit and use the books, magazines and DVDs in its collections.  


The Library is open and available for self-checkout whenever the building is staffed.


The collections are located in four places:

  1. Adults and Teens - Fourth level, next door to Geneva Hall.   

  2. Children – Lower level, children’s Sunday School room 316.

  3. Teens – A small collection of books written especially for teens is located on the fourth level, Youth Room.

  4. All ages – A library book cart with featured items is located across from the Atrium restrooms.


The library’s collections are supported by the church budget and gifts from members and friends.  The library’s collections are meant for people to:


  1. Learn about the Good News of Jesus Christ and the fundamentals of the Reformed faith of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

  2. Enhance the educational curriculum of the Church.

  3. Support the mission and outreach programs of Market Square Presbyterian Church.

  4. Learn about the Christian response to contemporary issues and problems in the world.


Suggestions for the church collections may be sent to the Market Square's Ministry Support Administrator, Nancy Sheets at or (717) 257-1270 ext. 10 

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