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Given our need for social distancing in these times, we are working to create some online prayers and meditations using audio and video.  We still can pray together and find comfort through quiet contemplation and reflection.  

Quieting the mind and using the body for prayer is a practice of our faith.  This "Inner Way" is the path of the heart.  Working on our own inner dramas, quieting the negative voices, calming the fears, celebrating the joys, remembering to give thanks prepares us to work in the world as beacons of light.  Contemplative practices contribute to our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Even an act as simple as lighting a candle and sitting quietly while breathing for 5-10 minutes can give us respite and renew our spirits. 





Prayer of Forgiveness   Approximately 3:30 intro with prayers to follow.  

Prayer of ForgivenessLori Sweet
00:00 / 16:43


5 Senses meditation 11/17/2020
5SensesCPaudioArtist Name
00:00 / 10:54


Breathing Meditation and body relaxation + Oh Great Mystery Prayer 

Oh Great Mystery PrayerLori Sweet
00:00 / 12:31


Julian of Norwich Body Prayer.  This simple movement prayer helps us to open to God and relax our mind and body.  It is 11 mins and 30 seconds long .  (Nothing fancy). PDF offers more information.  


This Easter Prayer was written by Joyce Rupp, Christian Writer.  You can follow along with just the audio or print out the PDF called Resurrection Prayers to read if you wish. 


The PDF called Anointing Jesus is an article by Cynthia Bourgeault on the role of Mary Magdalene in the Pascal Mystery and how central her role was/is to understanding the Wisdom Teachings. 

Easter MeditationLori Sweet
00:00 / 14:31


Blessings of the World Prayer is offered here by Elizabeth Terry as we celebrate Earth Day in our service this weekend.  The PDF is provided if you would like to follow along or you can just listen to the audio recording.  12:30 minutes .   

Blessings for our WorldArtist Name
00:00 / 12:27


ADRIFT ON THE WIND written prayer meditation.   Hilary Hirtle is a recent transplant to Pennsylvania, (and a newcomer to Market Square!)  She moved to Harrisburg from Columbus, Ohio earlier this year. We are happy to have her join us. She loves contemplative practices and she put something together for us for this week!  Hilary is passionate about connecting people to nature.  She has a special interest in helping others connect to nature through scripture and spiritual practice.

The meditation and text she offers is 

adapted from Painter, C. V. (2010). Water, wind, earth, & fire: The Christian practice of praying with the elements. Sorin Books.


Hilary Hirtle 


Centering Meditation with Kevin Long. Many participants in the Room for the Inner Way have explored the process of Centering Prayer, a form of contemplative prayer that focuses on interior silence and simply being in the presence of God. This form of prayer was made known by Thomas Keating.  The word "simply" is misleading because for many people, sitting in silence or repeating a word (mantra) for 20 minutes is very hard to do.  A contemporary Episcopalian priest Cynthia Bourgeault, is well known for her writings that include books on Centering Prayer. Here is one link to more explanation.  Enjoy Kevin's meditation.  

Centering Prayer KevinArtist Name
00:00 / 11:27

Dwelling in God - Prayer Meditation.  Lori guides us through a prayer as we repeat phrases after her, listen to her words, and then rest in silence. 

Dwelling in God 2Lori Sweet
00:00 / 12:16


The Body Sacred:  This medication is of somewhat poor recording quality as the music did not come through very well.  This earth/body meditation is approx 17 min long.

our body - sacred 1Lori Sweet
00:00 / 17:31

Coming Home To my Center: this prayer meditation has no music in the background so you might want to put on some of your own soft sounds.  Invoking our true center with a prayer from Joyce Rupp. Approx 20 min long. 

SUGGESTION:  You may want to sit in silence for a while after the meditation or pick up a journal and write freely about one of the following: 
1. what is your heart's desire right now?
2. free writing on the subject of divine embrace.
3. what is making you feel scattered?

4. What wisdom would Sophia/Mother Earth Give you right now?  

5. How does the divine guide you?  When do you feel guided? 

Coming Home to My CenterLori Sweet
00:00 / 20:44

I AM FEARLESS meditation   8/1/20

I am Fearless MeditationLori Sweet
00:00 / 17:01

7 Point Movement Meditation: The Dance of Peace


The PDF I mention is not available here yet. Coming!   

Video 1 is an introduction.

Video 2 is a demonstration.

Video 3 is a 10 minute meditation practice of the dance.            VIDEO 1 - 7 min 

NOTE: If you click on the little square on the video

it will make it full screen so you can follow along better.  

                                                                                                   VIDEO 2 - 15 min

                                                                                                   VIDEO 3 - 11 min

Prayer for Healing and Peace with responsive reading regarding the Corona Virus. 

RFIW Corona Virus Prayer
00:00 / 12:01
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