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Livestreaming is available on the home page each Sunday morning.


Sunday Morning Service


Every Sunday, the 11:00 a.m. worship service is broadcast live on WHYL 960 AM and FM102.9. Click the "WHYL" button to reach the radio station's website (and then click on "Listen Live"). The station's direct site requires an app on your phone or computer (like iTunes) in order to work. If you have trouble connecting with the radio station, try another browser and/or make sure the browser you use (Chrome, Explorer, Safari) is updated. If you're not able to access our service through the station's website, then try the second button (labeled "Tune In").

Please note: if you have trouble accessing the program through the links, you might try using a different browser. Chrome will open the worship service in iTunes, but you can get direct access through other browsers such as Firefox and Safari.

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